Making multisignature wallets
accessible and understandable

Multisight is a knowledge and tooling platform dedicated to improving the access to and distribution of information about multisignature wallets. We pursue this mission through three main areas of work:


Introduction to multisignature wallets

Multisignature wallets offer an extensive set of powerful features for both individuals and groups. We provide a comprehensive onboarding resource to accelerate the adoption of this technology.


Resources for responsible wallet management

Information and resources on related topics are scattered across the web. We compile an exhaustive knowledge base to promote an informed and confident approach to multisignature wallet ownership.


Enhanced interpretation of open data

Many wallet interfaces present only a limited view of the underlying data. We build user-friendly tools to advance the accessibility and comprehension of relevant information that is available.

Help us reach and educate
every wallet owner

Multisight relies on public goods programs and donations to provide free and accessible education and tools. If you'd like to support our mission, please consider one of the following options:


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